Hestebakkens Golden Copper Dandie CAC first time in Junior class ( all colours )


Dandies first CAC

Hestebakkens Golden Copper Dandie Junior World Winner 1996 in Wien

Hestebakkens Golden Copper Diva BOB and BIS 3 from junior class

Diva BOB in Sweden

Hestebakkens Golden Copper Dandie BOB and BIG 3 International Show Fredericia, Denmark

Dandie BOB Eurodogshow, Belgium


Hestebakkens Orange Echo

Hestebakkens Orange Echo Swedish Champion

Effekt BIS 2 in Sweden under Ann Clark USA

Hestebakkens Orange Effekt

Tenna and Effekt

Fancy World Winner in Helsinki

Hestebakkens Orange Hanky-Panky

Hanky BIG 2 in Berlin

Hestebakkens Champagne on Ice BIS puppy

H. Champagne on Ice Copenhagen Winner

Hestebakkens Champagne On Ice BOS and Swedish Champion in Stokholm

Sporrens Hellish Winter

Sporrens Hellish Winter BIS in Germany

Ranking BOB from Junior class under Kresten Scheel

Hestebakkens Golden Copper Ranking. Top dwarf 2000 in DK, all colours

Hestebakkens Orange Living Doll

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