Everyday Poodle

Spar-To Apricot Tamara. Hestebakkens first Poodle

Spar-To Apricot Tamara with her daughter and son from her first litter: Hestebakkens Golden Abigail and Hestebakkens Golden Alberto

Hestebakkens Golden Briza

Hestebakkens Golden Copper Diva and Hestebakkens Golden Copper Dandie

Briza has found a good place

Hestebakkens first E-litter

Hestebakkens Orange Echo and Hestebakkens Orange Effekt

Spar-To Apricot Tamara and her Daughter Hestebakkens Golden Abigail

Hestebakkens Orange Effekt

Tenna and Hestebakkens Orange Harmony

Tenna and Sporrens Hellish Winter

Tenna og Lime

Hestebakkens Its Me

Hestebakkens Its Fire and Hestebakkens Its Me

Pictures from the everyday life with my poodles